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About Us

The spectacular Chamonix and Vallorcine Valley has for many years
been our family home and a truly incredible place for adventure.


Our passion for skiing and adventure first brought us together over twenty five years ago. In the early 90’s we opened White Mountain Lodge, our first Chalet Company. Starting with just one chalet things quickly grew to our having six catered chalets.

With the arrival of our two sons we decided to move back to a more simple way of life and specialise in offering just one special and exclusive chalet. Welcome to our Summer Guest House & Winter Ski Lodge.



Born in Stockholm with dual Swedish & French nationality Helen first moved to Chamonix in the early 90’s. Her love and passion of Telemark Skiing & Mountain Biking made Chamonix the obvious choice for her to live.

Helen’s interests are everything natural and sporting. As a lifetime skier, fully qualified Massage Therapist, fantastic cook, business partner & mother of two, her energy and days are forever full.



Born in Sussex England Steve first moved to Chamonix in the pioneering ski days of the late 70’s. Growing up in a sporting family his love for skiing, climbing and adventure first brought him to this amazing valley. In his time away from Chamonix Steve qualified as a commercial pilot, travelled and briefly enjoyed the excitement of business life.

His passion for life remains in the mountains and his competitive edge has helped him become Chamonix’s multiple time golf champion. After a lifetime of living in the valley Steve will usually find the answer to any of your questions.


Sebastien & Alexandre

Born in Chamonix Sebastien & Alex have grown up in the mountains as natural born skiers.

They both share our love for sport, fun and adventure and are forever outside either Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Skating, Surfing, Fishing or playing Golf. Speaking English, French & Swedish the boys are the perfect companions for visiting families and are normally only too happy to help.



After a lifetime of living in Chamonix

we are here to help when we can.

Steve & Helen

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